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Run Miles, Get Rewards.

Get More For Your Miles

The NYC Running Rewards Pilot invites you to run with Nike, earning in a points-based program to redeem rewards.

Participants log their runs via the Nike Innovation app, different from the NRC app. Participants have the potential to earn up to 2,000 points during the 6-week duration of the pilot.

Earning Rewards

Points are earned by logging runs.

  • For each run or attended event, participants earn 100 points
  • Runs should be a minimum of 20 minutes to be considered a run
  • No more than 1 run per day will be awarded points
  • No more than 5 runs per week will be awarded

There are 2 Milestone opportunities to unlock your access to rewards.

  • Milestone 1 is at 500 points total (5 runs in total)
  • Milestone 2 is at 2,000 points total (20 runs in total - 15 more runs)

Redeeming Rewards

At each Milestone, choose 1 reward from a menu of 3 options.

  • Promotion Rewards will be sent via email
  • Product Rewards will be picked up in store
  • Experience Rewards will be coordinated via email
  • NOTE: Some rewards could have limited availability

Here's how to sign-up, 1-2-3

  1. If this is your first time here, click the Start Earning button to join the interest list.
    • Answer a few questions to build your Profile
    • You’ll need an iPhone with iOS16 or higher to be able to participate
    • Agree to share all data gathered in the Pilot with Nike
  2. Next, from your iPhone, click the App Store button on this page
    • Download the Nike Innovation app
    • Sign in with your Nike username and password
  3. In the Nike Innovation app navigate to the NYC Running Rewards Pilot card — click Sign Up
    • After you read How it Works, click on Get Started
    • Read the Terms and Conditions and confirm your participation
    • Complete the final onboarding questions

Come run with us!